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Trailer Link is an online platform dedicated to semi-trailer rentals in Canada. We connect renters & trailer providers in a quick, secure, and confidential way from any computer or smartphone.

A nation wide network of semi-trailer rentals

Trailer Link is the only platform its kind and the only network designed specifically for semi-trailer rentals in Canada

Secure Bidding

Our secure bidding platform keeps track of bid history and brings transparency to the bidding process

Payment Processing

Trailer Link handles all payments to simplify the process and get deals done faster without the need for credit checks or complex payment terms

Automated Notifications

We connect semi-trailer renters and rental providers through our automated notification system. Get renting faster than ever before!

Trailer Link allows people and organizations looking to rent semi-trailers to quickly submit a request for quote. Your request is sent to the Trailer Link network so you can receive bids, sign an agreement and pay, all from the platform. We make the semi-trailer rental process quick, easy and secure

Renting your semi-trailers is easy with Trailer Link. Semi-trailer rental providers will receive automatic notifications or can search for rental opportunities. Quickly and easily respond to the request on-line, providing information on pricing, terms and a contract. Payment is handled by Trailer Link and charged ahead of time to ensure no credit issues. Sign up today to get access to our nationwide network of rental requests.

For many renters, agreements which include maintenance of dry vans and reefers are a critical part of the deal. Trailer Link helps get quotes on maintenance services that are often provided as part of a maintenance lease or rental agreement

Trailer Rental Types

Trailer Link supports semi-trailer rentals with a variety of different configurations. Our unique request for quote system standardizes semi-trailer rental requests so semi-trailer rental providers can quickly respond to renters needs. To see a complete list of semi-trailer rental types that Trailer Link supports click here

Dry Vans are the backbone of the Canadian hauling industry. The majority of the equipment on Trailer Link will be the standard Dry Vans of various lenths and chassis types used for conventional hauling. Most of the equipment will be suitable for general haulage. Firms looking for special equipment for hauling heavy loads such as car parts should specify their needs in the drop down comments section on the sites RFQ page.

Most vans will be equipped with standard providers such as Carrier or Thermo King. The equipment should be suitable for hauling perishables such as perishable foods, beverages and frozen food products. Providers of equipment are expected to have the equipment in good working order as per normal terms.

There is huge amount of equipment that differs in specific ways from the Dry Van and Reefer Van configuration, above and beyond specs such as chassis type, trailer length, and number of axels. Trailer Link allows providers of equipment to provide all the detail necessary so that a potential rentee can make sure the equipment works for them.

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Trailer Link allowed our organization to rent a trailer for our needs. We were surprised how quickly we received quotes and could easily pay online. This is trailer renting for the modern eraBrenda Sisnett, President, Georgetown Terminal Warehouses

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