How Trailer Link Works

The Process

  • A Renter Creates A Request For Quote

    By using a simple standardized form, the renter creates a request for quote for the trailers they want.

  • Providers of Equipment Get The RFQ and May Choose to Bid

    Rental providers from the Trailer Link network learn more about the RFQ. If they have available equipment, they can enter the bid process.

  • Renter and Providers engage in Refining Bid

    Renters and Providers refine the bid using the Trailer Link platform to communicate. The Renter is looking for best price and the best terms while the provider ensures they provide the best rental possible

  • A Single Bid is Chosen by The Renter

    Providers get notified if they were the successful bidder. Typically only one Provider will be working with the Renter towards the end of the bidding process.

  • The Payments from Renter to Provider Are Processed

    The Renter pays for the rental via the Trailer Link Credit Card portal, deposited directly to the Provider’s bank account using a secure on-line payment system. Payment is in advance for the first month; monthly payments are handled the same way. Trailer Link uses a secure third party; Trail Link never touches or holds payments.


Trailer Link is the only marketplace designed for semi-trailer rentals in Canada. The simple quoting and payment system allows users to make deals from any computer or mobile device.

The platform is an easy way to find available trailers quickly, make payments, and get started

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Trailer Link is free for anyone looking to rent equipment. Lessors pay a fee to Trailer Link as part of a separate contract, based on the equipment being rented. Trailer Link manages all transactions through credit card and handles both payments and payouts

Built In Security

Trailer Link is powered by the Google Cloud and uses Stripe to ensure all payments are secure


Confidentiality is key for Trailer Link. If you are looking for equipment, you will have access to all bids from companies that want to provide the equipment to you. If you are providing the equipment, you can only see your bid; no other equipment provider can see it.

Trailer Link is free to signup and ensures the best rates

Registration is free and available to providers and renters who meet our registration requirements.