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For semi-trailer rentals, Trailer Link creates an open and competitive bidding process, ensuring that renters procure equipment at the best available rates and terms from trailer providers across Canada. The renter can quickly enter the exact requirements for equipment from the drop-down menus, add specific customization needs using the easy-to-input on-line forms, and submit a request-for-quote on-line within minutes. Once placed, the RFQ is available for all qualified providers in Canada to see on-line. Providers can then choose to develop a bid that meets the needs of the renter, connect to the lessee through the Trailer Link on-line chat to refine the quote. The entire process is quick and easy to use and free for renters.

  • The best price with the most quotes

    Trailer link distributes your request for quotes to a national network of trailer rental providers ensuring you get the most quotes possible. Trailer link does the work for yolu

  • Simple and secure payments

    Trailer Link has integrated credit card payments for renters. You may a payment and we do the rest. No need to deal with terms or complex transfers. We bill your card ahead of the term at no additional cost to you.

  • Access anywhere

    Trailer Link is a web platform that works on almost any computer or mobile device. Respond to quotes in real time and finalize deals from anywhere.

Trailer Link is free for renters

Trailer Link does not charge any additional fees to renters. The transaction fee is made by rental providers, ensuring renters always get the best price

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Get The Best Terms In The Marketplace

When Lessors provide equipment to Lessees, the Lessee wants the best equipment available for the given price. Trailer Link requires the Lessor to specific the equipment details and — in the case of equipment that is not new, the age of the equipment. Lesses can then quickly sort bids by the quality of the equipment.

The Lessee chooses the winning bid based on their overall comfort with the deal. Trailer Link simply provides all the available options.

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