Renting Reefer Trailers and Units

  • Renting Reefer Trailers and Units

    This is our follow up post to renting reefer trailers where we explore the different refrigeration units available for reefer van rentals and present some links to the 2019 models for Thermo King and Carrier.

    We look at what to look for when renting reefer trailers and the reefer units specifically. As we discussed in our previous article, there is a fuel consumption trade-off: The more insulated and thermo efficient the trailer, the lower the amount of power needed to maintain constant temperatures. A more insulated trailer will typically have less room and weigh more. This increases the fuel consumption. There is no specific formula for determining fuel efficiency for your reefer rental and each reefer rental should look at all of the factors including location, external climate, trailer specs, and load requirements.

    Reefer Manufacturers

    When renting reefer units there are two leading manufacturers of reefers in Canada: Thermo King and Carrier Transicold.

    Renting Thermo King Reefers

    thermo king reefer for rent Thermo King has been around since 1938 and has been a pioneer in the reefer unit market. Thermo King is the “world leader in transport temperature control systems for trucks, trailers, buses and rail cars”. Thermo King offers both single temp and multi-temp reefer trailers. We’ve listed their 2019 models with some links below:

    Single Temp Thermo King Reefers:

    C600 , S-600, S-700

    Multi Temp Thermo King Reefers:

    S-610M, C-600M, S-610DE

    Renting Carrier Transicold Reefers

    carrier reefer for rent Carrier has been in the industry for more than 40 years. Carrier provides reefer units for trucks and trailer with a significant presence across Canada. Authorized Carrier dealers and service partners can be found across Canada. Carrier Transicold offers single and multi-temp units for their 2019 line of reefers.

    Multi Temp Carrier Reefers:


    Single Temp Carrier Reefers:




    What to look for when renting reefers?

    The most important factor in renting a reefer is quality. Higher quality units are more efficient and more reliable. A unit that is incorrectly specified for the job, or is working too hard because of a deficiency will end up costing more money in terms of fuel consumption, repairs and unscheduled downtime. Ensuring that reefer maintenance is included in your rental agreement is always an important consideration.

    We always encourage you to use Trailer Link to work with your reefer rental provider to ensure you are getting not only the best reefer for the trailer but the best service terms as well.

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