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With Trailer Link the sales teams at the trailer leasing company can quickly see all qualified renters in Canada that are requiring new equipment such as dry vans or reefers, whether or not the requested equipment is for a lease or rental, and other customizable inputs such as if the trailer is rated for highway, city or storage.

Using Trailer Link semi-trailer rental providers can respond to RFQs across Canada from eligible Trailer Link certified renters quickly and submit a detailed response to the quote (the “bid”) back to the renter within minutes.

Providers know the exact needs of the renter and are able to refine their quote by using Trailer Link’s on-line chat feature. As quote specifications often change over the course of negotiation a deal, Trailer Link’s bid update functionality ensures that both the renter and trailer provider can make any adjustments necessary to finalize the right quote.

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    Trailer Link brings you all interested parties automatically


    Trailer Link eliminates repetitive and time consuming back office activities for submitting bids and quotes


    Trailer Link is a national platform that gives access to deals throughout the country in real time


    Trailer link provides connectors and integrated analytics to help guide the quoting process

Provide the Best Terms to semi-trailer renters

Knowing the exact specifications allows the rental provider to quickly source and confirm equipment availability. If the provider does not have the equipment, it can use the standand forms on Trailer Link to tell the renter what equipment is available. Trailer Link allows the provider to specify the equipment details and — in the case of equipment that is not new, the age of the equipment. Renters can then quickly evaluate the quotes from the providers by the quality of the equipment & service.

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Provide the Best Pricing for semi-trailer rentals

With Trailer Link, a provider will receive a request for a quote for equipment from a renter in real time. The provider will know the exact specifications required by the renter and will be able to express interest and respond with the Trailer Link standard format.

For example, if the renter is requesting a quote for 10 rentals for one month in Vancouver, the provider will see a screen showing the trailer specifications from the renter.

How Trailer Link adds value to your fleet

If you have a fleet of semi trailers such as dry vans or reefers or other semi trailers then Trailer Link can help you increase revenue and reduce idle asset time.

Trailer Link believe that assets should always be producing revenue where that incremental revenue is greater than the incremental cost. So, for example, if you have five semi dry vans in your fleet and you bring them back in for safeties, you will want to make sure that a dry van sitting in a yard on Monday is posted as available on the Trailer Link site as soon as possible. That way you can rent out the unit for a few days or a few weeks until your next long term contract is ready to start.

Trailer Link helps you maximize the value, or minimize the cost, of your fleet. You may have company owned equipment that is usually busy during peak seasons but at below 90 percent utilization during non-peak times. Knowing the likely availability you can post these units on Trailer Link. You can say when where and for how long they will be available.

Trailer Link will then help you turn those idle units into extra cash flow. Even an of just one or two percent on utilization can have a significant impact on the bottom line for your semi dry and reefer vans.

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