Semi-Trailer Rentals In Canada

Renting Trailers In Canada

The market for the rental of semi-trailers in Canada has been around for decades. Despite a booming national market, data on the number of companies that rent trailers, the number of trailers rented, and the average rate over time is not readily available.

It is estimated that in 2019 there will be 400,000 semi-trailer rentals in Canada. Without a platform for renters to connect with trailer providers, the market has been fragmented with renters not getting the best price possible and providers not knowing where new rental leads are.

Trailer Link is designed for the Canadian market to make it as efficient as possible for semi-trailer to get rented in Canada

The Problem With Rentals In Canada

The current market for semi-trailer rentals in Canada is dominated by a few key organizations. With such a large geographic span, Canada is underserved for semi-trailer rentals. Pricing is often fragmented and renters looking for the best terms and pricing have to know the market and take the time to reach out to all of the organizations. This makes semi-trailer renting more costly for both the renter and the trailer provider

How Trailer Link Helps

Trailer Link instantly dispatches requests for quotes to eligible trailer providers dependent on location and quantity. This ensure that renters get the most quotes for their needs and reduces the cost of providers looking for those quotes.

Our integrated payments works with all major Canadian banks and allows transactions to happen instantly, online. Get deals done faster and easier with Trailer Link.

Trailer Link is built by Canadians for Canadians and caters exclusively to our national market.

Licenses & Insurance

Trailer Link ensures appropriate insurance and coverage is included as part of our standard terms of service. With our integrated payments, renters and providers can be sure they are up and running immediately.

Rental Information By Province

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