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When getting equipment for lease and rental, the Lessee knows the type of equipment needed. To get that equipment, Lessees call the Lessors and negotiate contracts between the sales representatives at the Lessor company. The Lessor and Lessee haggle over terms and prices in a ‘ closed market’ spending a lot of time going back and forth to finally close a deal that may not be in the best interest of the Lessee. If the Lessee tries to get multiple offers, they often see different responses from different Lessors - with different prices and equipment terms, making it difficult to compare price, quality and value to the Lessee of any deal.

With Trailer Link the Lessee asks all eligible Trailer Link Lessors to respond to a standard RFQ. The potential deal becomes an open auction process. Once the Lessee inputs the RFQ data, all Lessors can bid, and re-bid, until the best deal for the Lessee is determined. The Lessee sees all responses to the RFQ. The Lessee can then request re-bids on the RFQ. When satisfied, the Lessee closes the auction and the Lessor and Lessee negotiate the final terms. It is a quick, efficient process. The Lessees gets the best price and the Lessors can put their best deal terms forward immediately.

Why sign up to a less than optimal deal? Find the best Lessor for that specific set of equipment needs.

Trailer Link is the on-line tool that allows gives the Lessee the opportunity to get the best price.


Bring transparent pricing to trailer leasing in Canada by offering a secure online tool that allows lessors and lessees to connect efficiently and confidentially.

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Trailer Link For Renters

  • The best price with the most quotes

    Trailer link distributes your request for quotes to a national network of trailer rental providers ensuring you get the most quotes possible. Trailer link does the work for you

  • Simple and secure payments

    Trailer Link has integrated credit card payments for renters. You may a payment and we do the rest. No need to deal with terms or complex transfers. We bill your card ahead of the term at no additional cost to you.

  • Access anywhere

    Trailer Link is a web platform that works on almost any computer or mobile device. Respond to quotes in real time and finalize deals from anywhere.

Trailer Link For Trailer Providers


    Trailer Link brings you all interested parties automatically


    Trailer Link eliminates repetitive and time consuming back office activities for submitting bids and quotes


    Trailer Link is a national platform that gives access to deals throughout the country in real time


    Trailer link provides connectors and integrated analytics to help guide the quoting process